Meet Crew Member Ryan Baker

Raised in Southern California, I moved to Colorado in 2010 pursuing a degree in both Photography and Journalism...

So I graduated, and this is that point in my life where I look around and think "well shit."  School's done, and here comes the "real-world" jamming responsibilities down my throat whether I like it or not. When Keagan mentioned this trip to me in April, he didn't have to do much convincing, I was in. The idea of getting lost in Europe with just a bike, my camera and my best friend seemed unreal.  The only doubt I had was that I have never really been a competitive, long-distance biker... Also I didn't own a bike... This posed a problem, but come May, I jumped on a Specialized AWOL, slid on some comfortable spandex and started pedaling. 

I spent the summer in Boulder, shooting photos and riding my bike, trying to convince myself that this trip was simple and going to be a breeze.  Now I know that's not the case.. at all..  But some time has passed and I am so stoked to get out of here and get pedaling in Lisbon.