After a great nights sleep (after passing out within 1 minute of my head hitting the pillow) in the West Beach Hostel in Porto Novo, Ryan and I set out on our next leg of the trip to Peniche. This leg would shorter than the first allowing for our legs to recover from the previous days ride.

It was hard to choose where to stop and take in the countryside when every mile you have a village that is extremely different and unique than the next.

Passing farms, orchards, and vineyards, the 25 mile ride few by and we arrived to our campsite in Peniche. This would be our first night camping, and our first night in our Solo Shelters 5 Owls so generously sponsored us with for the trip. (weather forecast for the night: thunderstorms and a flash flood warnings) Our Solo Shelters would be getting put to the test.

We are just waiting and waiting for the waves to build so we can shred our Enjoy Handplanes in the Atlantic.

After quickly unpacking,setting up camp, and meeting our first English speaking person Zach, am English surfer who had just quit his job to come and score the waves of his life at Supertubos in Peniche before heading back and attending university, Ryan got a Facebook message from a "friend" he knew that was touring Portugal, and would be in Peniche in the next hour. Without hesitation we invited them to stop by and head down to the beach with us.

A little side note here. I am under the impression that Charlotte is a friend of Ryan's from when he studied abroad and that she was with one of her friends.

After some brief introductions we through on our AMBSN boardies and headed down to the beach with everyone for what would be our first body surfing session of the trip. As we peered over the sand dunes hoping for perfect waves, we got our first glimpse of Portugal’s surf. Half a foot waves peeling perfectly across sandbars up and down the beach. It was my first time in the Atlantic, and I see and feel the potential this place has to offer.

Our newly found British friend Zach, after he tried a handplane for the first time was still a little confused about the concept, but still was able to rip on what little waves were out there

After a few waves and no wetsuits we were shivering and without towels, so we decided to head back to camp and got ready for dinner with Ryan’s “Friends from abroad”.

...This was the point were I figured out that Ryan had met Charlotte through a friend one night out in Boulder, but had enough charm to entice her and her friend to meet up with us halfway across the globe in the small port town of Peniche.

Now knowing the full story of how this strange meet-up occurred, the 5 of us headed to the harbor in Peniche where we enjoyed some more of Portugal's fine seafood cuisine. I ordered grilled squid, which literally meant full squid, guts and all, thrown on a grill and served on a plate. So for most of our dinner in Peniche, I was dissecting my grilled squid with a butter knife and eating the parts I thought were edible.

A squid and swordfish dinner with Germany and England in Portugal.

Our new friends had to get back on the road to their next destination, so we ended the night saying our goodbyes and crawling into out Shelters for what would turn out to be a night full of downpours and booming thunder. (the only reason we stayed dry was because of our 5 Owls Solo Shelters! After that first night in them, the two of us couldn't imaging having brought along any other tent or bivouac. The Solo Shelters not only kept us and our gear dry, but warm and comfortable, and their simple setup and take-down makes it the ideal shelter for any adventure!)

P.S.- want to apologize for the lack of photos due to a severe technological issue that should be solved within the next day or two