Not wanting to overstay our welcome with the Biolos', and finding out that my good friend Julien who is traveling around the world for the next year was in Hossegor, we decided to pack up our things and move a couple blocks away to where he was staying.

When I talked to Julien, he said he was staying at this rad place dubbed a "surf hostel".  Immediately I was intrigued by the idea of staying with a bunch of surfers and travelers who all loved to surf and after a quick phone call with Gavin, the owner, we were booked at the Shredmill for a couple nights.

We were stoked! The waves were huge, we would be staying with a bunch of surfers, and I was getting to see one of my good friends that I graduated with from UC Santa Cruz.

As we rounded the corner and pedaled up the driveway we immediately knew we had made the right choice! Mini ramp in the garage, bikes lining the walls, surfboards laying on the lawn, and wetsuits drying on the clothes line. We were stoked that we were going to be calling this little surf oasis in Hossegor, France, our home for the next few days.

After settling into our room and meeting the Shredmill crew, we tossed back a couple beers with our new friends, headed to the market to get supplies for a massive barbecue with everyone. It was awesome to be apart of a group of like minded people who were all eager to hear each other's stories from their adventures.

As we sat around the table passing around the salad, sausages, steak, and egg plant we barbecued, paired with some French wine, of course, with the result of our bond with our new friends growing deeper. Crystal has been living in Afghanistan for a three years. Dave was born in France then moved to Canada, went to school in Texas, and is now living in Costa Rica.  There was an engineer from Britain. Some professional snowboarders from Whales, and some Aussie surfers. Everyone at the table was so different, from different countries, different walks of life, yet we all came together over a great meal as friends and with a common interest of traveling and surfing.