Finding San Clemente in Hossegor


Leaving the Veytia family in Bidart was hard. We had been completely taken in by the family, enjoyed home cooked meals, a garage full of surfboards and wetsuits, a warm shower, and a roof over our heads. Steve was one of Ryan's dad's business partners and speaking with him, we couldn't help but to feel the presence of Dick.

As much as we wanted to stay, we were on a mission to make it to Hossegor for the what Peyo Lizarazu, France’s lead big wave surfer told us, was going to be the best/biggest swell Hossegor has seen in a few years. He constantly reminded us that we would be absolutely insane to pack up our things and leave the area. Hearing that, and the fact that the ASP World Tour was running the contest while we would be there, we quickly changed our minds. So we calculated the kilometers we were going to have to make up, said our goodbyes, and headed off to Hossegor.

The whole ride we could be seen standing up on the pedals and peering over the sand dunes and cliffs to get a peek at the waves. The closer we got to Hossegor, the bigger the waves got. Fueled by our excitement to actually score some of the epic waves we had heard so much about, we locked in and pedaled faster making it to the small basque surf town in no time.

We made it down to the contest just in time to see one of my best friends Kolohe Andino win his heat over Mick Fanning and Matt Wilkinson.

We had made it to Hossegor, just in time for the surf contest, the waves were pumping, one of my best friends won his heat, we met up with the Biolos family who put a roof over our heads, and to top it off we were granted to VIP passes for the rest of the contest.

I cannot begin to describe how excited I am for our next few days in Hossegor, it shouldn’t be too bad.