Mind over Matter

Keagan -

Since Bordeaux I have been sick.

Being sick is a pretty common occurrence for most people, but when you add being away from home, being in a foreign country, rain in the forecast for the next week, temperatures in the 40's and 50's, having to ride between 60-70 miles a day, and being away from your amazing girlfriend (love you babe) who takes care of you when you are a miserable sick person, being sick sucks just a little bit more.

A good nights sleep helps, and so does a worried looking friend.

That being said I haven't let this cold, or whatever I have, slow me down. I know what we set out to accomplish on this trip and I know what needs to be done to achieve it. It's something my dad taught me at a young age: "Mind-Over-Matter". No matter the pain, no matter the sickness, no matter the up-hill battle you face, your mind is the most powerful thing you have.  When you have your mind is set on achieving something, you can accomplish anything you set out to do.

So despite my cough, runny nose, lack of sleep, and lack of energy, I have powered through the kilometers, continuing to enjoy every second of this journey. The smile on my face never ceasing to fade due to the circumstances.

Since Bordeaux we have ridden everyday totaling about 390 miles. We have seen the French countryside, yelled at cows on the side of the rode, ate countless pastries, explored the famous Mont Saint-Michel, stayed in a Chambre D'Hote or B&B that was built in the 1600's, drank 60 year old Calvados (which I swear is responsible for me starting to feel better), seen the battlefields and memorials of Point du Hoc and Omaha beach in Normandy, paid our respect to all of the soldiers that lost their lives on D-Day at the American Cemetery at Omaha Beach, met and stayed with a random couple in Hermanville and enjoyed an oyster and mussel dinner followed by a 15 mile send off with my new hero and grateful host Jean-Claude (dude is in his sixties, rode the Tour Du France route, and still bikes 140 km's a week on his same old trusty steel frame bike from the 70's), lost track of time and realized that we actually have 4 weeks, not 3, left of this insanity, all while being sick.

Yelling "Hey cow!" has been a healthy way to relieve stress while riding.

It's my first time in Europe, and a little weather, sickness, and lack of energy is not going to get in the way of this adventure.

These misty French mornings make an early rise worth it.