Keagan -

As I sit here thinking back to our first day in Lisbon, Portugal, setting up our bikes next to the baggage claim, taking that first leap of faith and riding out of the airport, I cannot believe how far we have come.

 We have ridden through 2 countries (almost done with out 3rd),  through a different time zone, eaten a countless number of chocolate croissants and ham and cheese sandwiches, drank an unfathomable amount of espressos, beer, and wine, stayed with complete strangers, welcomed into family's homes, camped in the wilderness, surfed deserted beach breaks, taken dirt roads in attempts to find the more scenic route, gotten lost and then found again, sat in cathedrals, sipped on fine wine, met new friends, gotten in arguments, changed flat tires, jerry-rigged one of our back racks, hopped a bus, hopped train, been chased by dogs, laughed at by old Portuguese women, explored castles and old towns, stumbled across a music festival, dodged trucks and buses, made wrong turns, ended up on highways, hike-a-bike'd down a mountain, ridden through down pours, experienced the blazing sun, almost ran into a pack of bulls walking across the road, gotten scrapes and bruises, a moldy tent, mosquito bites, ridden through the tiniest fishing villages and mountain towns, eaten the local quinine, stayed in sketchy "hotels", been called "Crazy Americans" too many times, and have enjoyed every second of it.

The best part about the trip is that it is not even over yet. We have 4 more weeks to go, 4 more countries to see, more people to meet, new food to eat, and more adventures that we have come to anticipate on a daily basis.